Ballfield Clays

Washington Ball Mix

The affordable standard in ball diamond clay.  With the conditioner built in Washngton Ball offers a low maintenance high drainage professional red clay surface.

Sports Clay

This baked clay is screened to a uniform size of 1/8" or less.  Sports Clay is an ideal amendment for heavy clay fields,  providing the correct drainage, texture and red color.

Warning Track

This surfacer provides the proper texture and color to alert a player of a potential fence or other barrier.  This baked clay product is -3/16 in size.

Clay Infield Blends

Series 20 - (-3/16). Available in 3 mixes: Firm, Standard and Light. 

Series 15 - (-1/8). Available in 3 mixes: Firm, Standard and LIght.

Special Order Products.


Phoenix Stone is an authorized dealer of Mar-Co Clay Ball Diamond Products.


Material Assesment Program analyzes soil samples and provides the current make-up of your infield. Is your field too wet, dry, soft or hard? We take a sample, send it and we'll  find a target amendment that solves your problems.